The Slanket: Better than antibiotics

Three years ago an untreated bout of bronchitis turned into pneumonia, and I found myself writhing in agony on my couch for days. Then one afternoon, in a moment of lucidity, I heard the doorbell ring and found a glorious chocolate-colored Slanket at my feet. My sister in Chicago had heard I was sick and knew this would cure me. And she was right! Within hours of wearing it I was already feeling better, and I was all but back to perfect health in another day or two. Now, I'm not one to knock the miracle of modern medicine, but as far as I'm concerned the Slanket did what antibiotics couldn't. IT SAVED MY LIFE!

A life saver...worth a MILLION dollars!!!

I own TWO slankets...an original, and an ULTIMATE SLANKET, the one with the foot pocket. Although I really like my original slanket, to me, the BEST thing that was ever made was the ULTIMATE slanket! It is made of even softer, more plush material, and being wrapped up in it is like being swallowed up by a very soft stuffed animal!! It has been a LIFE SAVER to me. I was born with a rare, very painful disorder, and when any part of my body gets cold, the pain is MUCH worse. I don't know how I ever lived without my slanket. I bought the original one after I had the ultimate one, because I decided that I needed a lighter one for the warmer weather, to guard against the air conditioning. These slankets have made such a difference in my life...I thank Gary and his company for making this wonderful product!! I have also given one as a gift...an ULTIMATE slanket, and it was rec'd with a HUGE smile!! Plan to give another this Christmas...I know it will be loved very much. I plan to ALWAYS have an ultimate slanket with me, if I have any control over it...not much helps my pain, but this really helps. I just cannot express what that means to me. God bless you, SLANKET company!! IT'S WORTH A MILLION DOLLARS!!

Best Product I Ever Bought

I bought the leopard print Ultimate Slanket from QVC when it was Today’s Special Value last week. It’s the nicest, cuddliest blanket I could ever use. I just love the pocket for your feet. I had bought another similar product at a local store about 3 months ago (before I had seen your product). Let me tell you there is absolutely no comparison. I am giving the “other one” to my neighbor. I can’t wait to sit down this evening to watch TV all snuggly in my Slanket. The best part of it will be my warm toasty feet. I highly recommend this product to one and all! (The Ultimate Slanket is currently available at QVC.com) A customer and friend for life.

Best Christmas gift I ever got!

I want to thank Gary and Jeff for providing an outstanding product. I received my Hunter Green Slanket as a gift for Christmas in 2007. I've used it for two winters and I absolutely adore it. I snuggle, sleep, eat, and make love under it. The Slanket is absolutely perfect. I was impressed by the stitching; it is a very well sewn blanket. I don't worry about washing it and having the stitching come undone. It is very warm and lightweight but doesn't take long to wash or dry. I keep the thermostat set to below 60 degrees in winter to help conserve electricity and Gary and Jeff's Slanket helps get me through. I save a lot of money on my electric bill because of the Slanket. There are a lot of copycat and imitation products out there, which are inferior to the quality and craftsmanship of The Slanket. My money was best spent buying The Slanket. It was the best Christmas gift I ever got. Thanks Gary and Jeff.

A Winner!

My daughter who is 7 1/2 yrs old, loves, loves, loves her slanket! It's lightweight and yet very warm and cozy. She wanted the safari/leopard style print and was so happy to receive it! She takes her slanket around everywhere in the house She wraps it around her in the mornings when she is eating her breakfast or watching TV or video games later in the day. My two teenage boys love theirs too! They love to be warm and comfortable in their rooms playing video games.

You got to love your Slanket Blanket !!!

I have MPD which means multiple purchase disorder ;). I ordered 5 Slankets and glad I did! 2 for me, 1 for husband and 1 for each of my grandkids! I love them! The grandkids were very excited to get a Slanket! They are very soft and washed well. A very generous size also. Thank you Gary!

Kid Appoved!!

My 5 year old picked out the dinosaur slanket and he just loves it! He loves to wrap himself up in his slanket and have me read him a book, watch tv, or just nap. My son also uses it to make "forts" and calls it the best "fort wall ever." I love the quality and the durability of the Slanket as well!

Awesome purchase

My 9 year old is so in love with her Slanket that she now will only sleep with her bed completely made up and her lying atop, only wrapped in her slanket. She says it is cozier and warmer than her covers and she loves the color and pattern which matches her room nicely. Very high quality item!


Its like wearing a great big cozy hug! Now I can fully wear my Slanket and walk around the house and still be cozy warm.

Takes Me Back To Childhood

Everyone wore footed pajamas or onesies when they were kids and now I can enjoy that again as an adult. Super warm, easy to button up, pockets for my hands. Takes me back to childhood every time I wear it. Great product!

So Much Blanket!

My girlfriend and I had a problem. We wanted to be able to sit on our couch and watch a movie/show/game while being close to one another. We like physical contact, both naughty and nice, and the Siamese Slanket was PERFECT for us! Now during romantic movies we can hold hands through the sleeves or under the covers. For scary scenes i can reach for her hand before the scary part without letting in the cold. We can eat our food or snacks without allowing a single drop of cold air touch us. Thanks Siamese Slanket!

Best Blanket Purchase

The Siamese Slanket is great for a couple! With the four arm holes there is ample room for you and your loved one to sit side by side. The Slanket is thick and long so it keeps you warm and covers your body even if you are really tall while you are doing work or just watching a movie and eating popcorn. I definitely recommend the slanket over other competing blankets!!!

The Siamese Slanket is the Greatest!

The Slanket is huge, very, very, warm, fluffy and so cuddly for couples!

Bought several for friends and family

Love this product! So nice to be able to knit, read, use laptop, pet kitties while arms stay warm--and share with hubby at the same time. Only downside is amount of static electricity that builds up in this dry part of the country (Colorado). Shocking to cats, extra-attractive to their fur. Would love to see additional colors and possibly an alternative fabric for Siamese Slanket.

The Stroller Slanket is Perfect!

This stroller Slanket is perfect, I'm able to strap my son onto his jogging stroller without a heavy coat and cover him with this warm and cozy blanket. With the built-in mittens every part of him stays warm and toasty. We ended up buying two more for our daughters to use while strapped into their car seats for our road trips. Their able to stay covered and warm while still having the ability to use their hands. There's nothing else like them and totally worth it.

I love the stroller slanket!

My 3 year old little boy doesn't ride in a stroller anymore but it has so many other uses. We use it for when he's in his car seat, at sporting games and when we travel. I love that it folds up it to a nice little pillow, makes it easy to pack up and carry through the airport. My little boy loves his slanket too! Sleeps with it every night.

My 4-year-old won't let it go.

She wears it around the house and begs to bring it to preschool to nap in. She hardly goes in a stroller but when she does the Slanket must come with.