The Ultimate Slanket

The Original Blanket with Sleeves!

The Siamese Slanket

The Original Blanket With Sleeves!

The Ultimate Kids Slanket

The Original Blanket with Sleeves!

The Stroller Slanket

The Original Blanket with Sleeves!

The Slanket Onesie

The Original Blanket with Sleeves!

It’s the nicest, cuddliest blanket I could ever use. I just love the pocket for your feet. I can’t wait to sit down this evening to watch TV all snuggly in my Slanket. The best part of it will be my warm toasty feet. I highly recommend this product to one and all!

Outstanding product! Received as a gift for Christmas in 2007. I snuggle, sleep, eat, and make love under it. The Slanket is absolutely perfect. I keep the thermostat set to below 60 degrees in winter to help conserve electricity and The Slanket helps get me through. I save a lot of money on my electric bill because of the Slanket. It was the best Christmas gift I ever got.

My 9 year old is so in love with her Slanket that she now will only sleep with her bed completely made up and her lying atop, only wrapped in her slanket. She says it is cozier and warmer than her covers and she loves the color and pattern which matches her room nicely. Very high quality item!

*Some colors in this video are not currently available