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Double Down

You've seen the Original Slanket, which is the original blanket with sleeves. Well now there's one for couples. The Siamese Slanket has four sleeve holes so the two of you can snuggle up together in ultra warmth whilst still retaining the use of your arms. All Slankets combine the warmth of a fleece blanket with the manoeverability of a garment.

The Slanket Siamese, double the Slanket, double the warmth and comfort. This is the only way to stop your partner stealing your Slanket on those chilly winter nights. At least now if they get to the sofa first you'll no longer be left out in the cold.

The Slanket is designed to keep your entire body covered and cozy while you still retain the use of your hands. Simplistic and practical, its innovativeness opens up possibilities, but still can replace any normal blanket.


  • The Original Blanket With Sleeves ™
  • Super plush micro-fiber fleece
  • 4 sleeves so that 2 people can enjoy at once!
  • 120 inches Wide x 95 inches Length
  • Made in China
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So Much Blanket!

My girlfriend and I had a problem. We wanted to be able to sit on our couch and watch a movie/show/game while being close to one another. We like physical contact, both naughty and nice, and the Siamese Slanket was PERFECT for us! Now during romantic movies we can hold hands through the sleeves or under the covers. For scary scenes i can reach for her hand before the scary part without letting in the cold. We can eat our food or snacks without allowing a single drop of cold air touch us. Thanks Siamese Slanket!

Joey - Brooklyn, NY

Best Slanket Ever

I absolutely love my Siamese Slanket. I bought it for me and my boyfriend, and we use it all the time while on the couch. We are 23, so even though there is some *stigma* associated with sleeved blankets with people our age, we will break it out for a movie with friends (or party) without fear, because its so awesome. I want to say that I noticed the other brand of sleeved blanket has something similar to the siamese slanket, but we have one of that brand in the house too, and I can tell you that Slankets are so much better due to thickness and softness. I've been wanted to buy a single one for myself, but I haven't gotten around to it yet!

Jen - Los Angeles, CA

Best Blanket Purchase

The Siamese Slanket is great for a couple! With the four arm holes there is ample room for you and your loved one to sit side by side. The Slanket is thick and long so it keeps you warm and covers your body even if you are really tall while you are doing work or just watching a movie and eating popcorn. I definitely recommend the slanket over other competing blankets!!!

A Smith - Atlanta, GA

The Siamese Slanket is the Greatest!

The Slanket is huge, very, very, warm, fluffy and so cuddly for couples!

JB - Vienna, VA

Bought several for friends and family

Love this product! So nice to be able to knit, read, use laptop, pet kitties while arms stay warm--and share with hubby at the same time. Only downside is amount of static electricity that builds up in this dry part of the country (Colorado). Shocking to cats, extra-attractive to their fur. Would love to see additional colors and possibly an alternative fabric for Siamese Slanket.

Tex - Littleton, CO

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