• Material

    • Super Plush Micro-Fiber Fleece.
    • Soft to the touch & lightweight.
    • Loose Sleeves
    • 60 in Wide x 80 in Length
  • Foot & Hand Pocket

    Keep the feet warm with this built in pocket and a hand pocket for your hands, remotes etc

  • Couch Cushion

    When not in use The Ultimate Slanket can fold into a couch cushion.

Can Replace All Other Blankets

Discover the pinnacle of comfort with the Ultimate Slanket. Its unique features include a foot pocket and an incredibly soft material that transcends the ordinary. As the original oversized fleece blanket with sleeves, the Slanket offers a lightweight yet remarkably warm experience. Its loose sleeves ensure you're not just wearing a blanket but cocooned in its cozy embrace. With a design that keeps you fully covered while allowing complete use of your hands, this blanket is both simple and practical. Its innovation not only enhances comfort but also makes it a versatile replacement for any ordinary blanket.

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Our Customers Agree with Us!

  • Love my Slanket. I have three other sleeved blankets from different manufacturers, and the Slanket is by far my favorite. The size is much more generous than any of the others, and I much prefer the single foot pocket to the individual foot slots one of my other blankets has.


  • I've order several Slankets over the years for myself and for gifts. They are soft, comfortable and wonderful to snuggle in. I love the sleeves because my arms are always cold and the foot pocket is wonderful to keep my feet warm.


  • Love Love Love the Blankets. I have 2 purple, 1 green, and 1 camo one. The only problem is where uout ur feet does eventually thin out. My very first one has holes in it. Other than that I sleep in it Every Night because I Love my Slanket!!!!


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