The Ultimate Slanket - Yellow Stripe

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The Ultimate Slanket - Yellow Stripe

The Ultimate Slanket - Yellow Stripe

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Discover the pinnacle of comfort with the Ultimate Slanket. Its unique features include a foot pocket and an incredibly soft material that transcends the ordinary. As the original oversized fleece blanket with sleeves, the Slanket offers a lightweight yet remarkably warm experience. Its loose sleeves ensure you're not just wearing a blanket but cocooned in its cozy embrace. With a design that keeps you fully covered while allowing complete use of your hands, this blanket is both simple and practical. Its innovation not only enhances comfort but also makes it a versatile replacement for any ordinary blanket.


  • The Original Blanket With Sleeves
  • Super plush micro-fiber fleece
  • With Foot Pocket & Hand Pocket
  • Folds into a couch cushion
  • 60 inches Wide x 80 inches Length
  • Made in China


  • Wash in cold water on the gently cycle with a mild detergent.
  • Dry on low.
  • Recommend washing it by itself.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a back to The Slanket?

There is no back on The Slanket. It lays over you just like a normal blanket would but with the addition of sleeves and hand & foot pockets.

Can you walk around in The Slanket?

It's advisable to not walk in it. Leave it on the couch when you need to get up.

Is there a zipper or other ties in the back?

There is no zipper or ties to close the back.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

Nice and cozy !

Love Love Love

I purchased these on QVC as gifts for so many people and when I looked to get more they no longer sold them. I searched and found the website and purchased 4 more. When I saw this yellow and white stripe in person, you cannot imagine how beautiful and so soft in person this is. Ah... the color is so vibrant; this Slanket looks like a bouquet of sunflower 🌻 and makes you feel amazing. I use it in the summertime. It makes me happy.

Kevin E.
Birthday present for wife

She had been saying for a while that she wanted a Snuggie, and the Slanket seemed a higher quality option. She loves it, especially the foot pocket.

Loved for twenty years!

I received a blanket for my birthday in 2001, and it has been in continuous use since then... I'm even snuggled under it right now. Thank you for such a wonderful product.

Best. Blanket substitute EVER

This is an item that I enjoy year-round! I???m almost always hot and my husband is always cold, but we???re both perfect having our own slankets. So much so, that I pack it for trips and give it to family members. FOOT POCKET is the best part; a stand-alone reason to get this vs. imitations.

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The Slanket

From a college dorm creation in the late '90s to a global sensation, our journey began. Sales took off in 2006, swiftly reaching international acclaim. Our commitment to crafting top-notch, cozy products has remained unwavering amidst our success. Initially a family venture between brothers, this legacy endures. Come Join the coalition of comfort with The Original Blanket with Sleeves.