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Loungin' in luxury

The Ultimate Kids Slanket is the original fleece blanket with sleeves. A very soft to the touch, lightweight, but warm fleece blanket with large, loose sleeves designed so you don't feel like you're wearing the blanket, simply wrapped up in its wonder.

The Slanket is designed to keep your entire body covered and cozy while you still retain the use of your hands. Simplistic and practical, its innovativeness opens up possibilities, but still can replace any normal blanket.


  • The Original Blanket With Sleeves ™
  • Super plush micro-fiber fleece
  • New Foot pocket
  • Folds into a couch cushion
  • 44 inches Wide x 60 inches Length
  • Great for kids and those under 5 ft tall
  • Made in China
The Ultimate Kids Slanket - Couch Cushion The Ultimate Kids Slanket - Foot Pocket
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A Winner!

My daughter who is 7 1/2 yrs old, loves, loves, loves her slanket! It's lightweight and yet very warm and cozy. She wanted the safari/leopard style print and was so happy to receive it! She takes her slanket around everywhere in the house She wraps it around her in the mornings when she is eating her breakfast or watching TV or video games later in the day. My two teenage boys love theirs too! They love to be warm and comfortable in their rooms playing video games.

Rain - Dana Point, CA

You got to love your Slanket Blanket !!!

I have MPD which means multiple purchase disorder ;). I ordered 5 Slankets and glad I did! 2 for me, 1 for husband and 1 for each of my grandkids! I love them! The grandkids were very excited to get a Slanket! They are very soft and washed well. A very generous size also. Thank you Gary!

G - Houston, Tx

Kid Appoved!!

My 5 year old picked out the dinosaur slanket and he just loves it! He loves to wrap himself up in his slanket and have me read him a book, watch tv, or just nap. My son also uses it to make "forts" and calls it the best "fort wall ever." I love the quality and the durability of the Slanket as well!

Anne B - Austin, TX

Awesome purchase

My 9 year old is so in love with her Slanket that she now will only sleep with her bed completely made up and her lying atop, only wrapped in her slanket. She says it is cozier and warmer than her covers and she loves the color and pattern which matches her room nicely. Very high quality item!

Vegandoc - Birmingham AL

She loves it!

I got one for me as a gift and my 8yo was so upset that she made me buy her one. Now she cozy's up under it every night to watch TV. This was the best thing I could buy her.

Susan - Dallas, TX

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